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Sydney Camping Sites

where to camp ...

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In Sydney you can camp only in an established camp site. For more information click on the links below.

Lane Cove River Tourist Park
Just 10kms from the heart of Sydney, the Lane Cove River Tourist Park offers the wonder and beauty of the Australian bush. Plassey Road, North Ryde.

A-Vina Van Village
A-Vina Van Village is located in a beautiful rural setting in the North Western Suburbs of Sydney. It is only 30 minutes from Parramatta. 217 Commerical Road, Vineyard.

Nepean River Holiday Village
Nepean River Holiday Village is located on the banks of the beautiful Nepean River Here you can enjoy the comforts of home. Mackellar Street , Emu Plains.

Avon Caravan Village
Avon Caravan Village is situated in the town of Bargo, part of the Wollondilly Shire. The Village offers overnight accommodation in Park. 79 Avon Dam Road, Bargo.

Del Rio Riverside Resort
Del Rio is situated on the picturesque banks of the Hawkesbury River. We cater for all ages and budgets from self-contained cabins and lodge. Chaseling Rd , Webbs Creek, Wisemans Ferry.

In the bush you can camp anyware providing that you follow the minimal impact rules listed below.

minimise your impact ...

  • Use existing campsites where ever possible.
  • Campsites should be 100m from water sources like creeks and on a durable surface.
  • Use stoves unless a there is a fireplace available and if there is no fire ban.
  • Keep the wildlife wild, by just letting them be. Never feed animals or leave food or rubbish around.
  • Carry out all rubbish. If you have been able to carry it in, then you can carry it out. Please pick other peoples rubbish.
  • If there is no toilet near by, find a quite spot at least 100m from any water, campsite or track then dig a 15cm hole. Bury your faeces (poo) along with the paper in the hole.
  • The use of fuel stoves and picking a durable surface to prepare you meal will help minimise your impact on the environment. Minimise washing up and to wash up more than 100m from any water.
  • Preserve both natural and culturally significant areas. It is illegal to interfere with Aboriginal engravings, painting or sites. Same will apply to any cultural icons: huts, ruins, mines etc.

relevant links ...

Wild Walks
06 December
1882 - A rare Transit of Venus across the disc of the Sun is visible from Australia, and many scientific parties arrive from around the world to observe and record the event.

2002 - The Australian Government announces a hand gun buy-back following the Monash University shooting.
Australian slang
  • cranky angry
  • bean counter accountant
  • Harold (Holt), to do the to bolt
  • corroboree aboriginal dance festival
  • blokey behaving &qote;manly&qote;
  • durry cigarette
  • mickey mouse excellent, very good
  • chin wag have a chat
  • cat burying shit, as busy as a busy
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